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Billy Rankin
Billy Crankin' it up!
Former Nazareth member Billy Rankin recorded his first album Growin' up too fast in 1984
and gained major succsess with the hit single "Baby come back". A great album
(Only on LP). If you can get a hold of a copy - BUY IT!

Second release was 'Crankin' . Only released in Japan. So It may be a bit hard to find.
But I have heard that it is a great album!. Try to get a hold of a copy!

1999 saw the release of Billy's latest album: SHAKE -A super charger killer album!!
This guy have really improoved from his early "Growin" album. A more mature and maybe
some whiskey's and smoke's has done miracles to his voice, cause it sounds awesome!.
This album is packed with great songs. It's spinning in my car,living room,bathroom... well
almost where there's electricity!
Is there a way you could buy this awesome album ?
Yeah! Visit the Official Billy Rankin Site and order this brilliant album - NOW!

        Maxi single           Growin up too fast LP

CRANKIN'                      SHAKE!!